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Marvel has a new trailer for Legacy which comes out on September 27 and will change EVERYTHING…back to the way it was.

Marvel Legacy will take over Marvel comics from October into January, and possibly beyond! It all starts in Marvel Legacy #1, which heralds the return of the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe and a new era of Marvel storytelling where every series is an event!

The video features Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort talking up the changes and the greatness and some very lovely pencil art by, hm it doesn’t say, but I’m guessing Esad Ribic? The pr on the trailer doesn’t mention the creative team but it’s

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Esad Ribic, Russell Dauterman, Chris Samnee, Alex Maleev, Stuart Immonen, Pepe Larraz, Jim Cheung, Daniel Acuna, Greg Land, Ed McGuinness, Steve McNiven (CA) Joe Quesada 

Brevoort is seen in a jacket and without a hat, an unaccustomed look for him. Changes indeed.



  1. I think it’s funny how fast they’re moving on from Secret Empire. The big finale came out 2 day sip and they don’t even seem to care. Good luck selling that book, I guess.

  2. @Chris Hero

    Do you expect them to talk about SE in a promotional trailer for a new book? Why should they? What sense would that make? Have you ever saw an ad about a book, a movie, an album that talks about a previous book, movie or album of the same publisher, production house or label?

  3. I would have tried Legacy if it was $3 (make it a loss leader to get people buying it), but at $6 or $7?? No thanks.

  4. “Do you expect them to talk about SE in a promotional trailer for a new book?”

    Is this a serious question?

    “Spinning out of the mega-hit Secret Empire…”

    “If you enjoyed Secret Empire…”

    After the stunning conclusion of Secret Empire…”

    That kind of promotional emphasis is standard in basically all forms of entertainment.


  5. @brian

    I expect them to try selling the book they just released a few days ago, yes. Totally ignoring it and moving on to the next big thing at the same time they released their big project tells me they have no faith in their big project. Why ask retailers to order big if they’re not going to promote anything?

  6. > @Chris
    > Why ask retailers to order big if they’re not going to promote anything?

    So Marvel can hit its sales target. Once orders are in, books become the retailers’ problem, not Marvel’s. Sad reality of non-returnable merchandise.

  7. @chris – they sold Secret Empire TWO MONTHS AGO. Their customer is the shop, not you. Sorry if you still don’t understand the business model, or disagree with it.

  8. Their customer is never me. I would never buy a DC or Marvel comic. I know how the game works with retailers. I just think they could help retailers out a bit by promoting the books currently in stores rather than always advertising the next thing.

  9. “Their customer is the shop, not you.”

    Is that “Legacy” trailer intended for comic shops or comic buyers?

    I think you can stop now, because you’ve proven you don’t really understand what you are talking about.


  10. Rare are the days when Mike Bunge and I are on the same page. But here we are…I don’t know what to do now? Eye roll at my own posts? Lol

  11. Generally speaking, Marvel’s objectives are to get retailers to increase their orders in an attempt to maximixe sales and ensure copies of their comics are readily available. So, in a sense retailers are Marvel’s primary customers. In order to accomplish this, Marvel selectively discounts new series (PETER PARKER), offers free overships (GOTG), attempts to get free publicity (DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA), creates consumer marketing (LEGACY trailer), and occasionally buys advertisements (pretty rare due to the high costs and low number of retail outlets).

    The goal of the LEGACY trailer seems to be to increase consumer awareness of the book, which hopefully will drive fans into shops. (By the way, Marvel encouraged retailers to order heavy on LEGACY by offering higher-than-normal discounts if retailers met certain minimum orders. Their direct-to-consumer marketing makes sense given their retailer sales and discounting strategy.)


  12. I just noticed Marvel’s press release above says LEGACY will run through January “and possibly beyond.” I guess we’ll know in December 2017 when Marvel releases their February 2018 solicitations. If retailer orders are sluggish I expect we’ll get another iteration of THE HEROIC AGE or some similar branding in February 2018. Given the LEGACY books are pretty much the “same old, same old” titles by the current Marvel brain trust responsible for steering Marvel’s sales into the ditch I have my doubts about LEGACY’S chances of revitalizing the Marvel brand.


  13. Is that new one shot really going to be like 7 bucks? I thought it looked pretty cool, but I don’t think I can justify that price. I guess I can wait for the huge overstock to hit the quarter bin. I really was looking forward to that Ghost Rider on a flaming Mammoth

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