Stepping up from the one-word teasers we’ve grown to love and cherish over the past year or so, this week Marvel have started tarting up their teaser images to give people more of an idea what they might be about.

We’ve already seen Punisher and his new girlfriend, but now various websites have woken up to find new teasers for Indestructable Hulk and Superior Spider-Man flirtatiously standing in their doorway, holding a bottle of wine and wearing only a kimono. Here they are:


Walt Simonson has been returned to Marvel for a few months now, working on Avengers books with Brian Michael Bendis, along with a cover or two. But it looks like Mark Waid has actively pitched for the iconic artist to come join him for the next arc of Indestructable Hulk, and done so by offering a shiny Asgardian incentive for the artist to draw. Hey – if Walt Simonson is coming on as artist for a book, why wouldn’t you include Thor in the story?


Meanwhile, it looks like Spider-Man is going to be fired from the Avengers. Wait, why would they fire him from the… oh, that’s right, he’s got eight phantom limbs now and a crush on his own aunt. Good instincts, Avengers!

There’ll likely be even more teasers released today and tomorrow, slinking onto your computer screen like Mae West with a vengeance.


  1. I dunno…I take it as him being fired from his job at Horizon…they’ve shown the company kind of on shaky ground and with Doc Oc in charge, I could see him making something unethical/dangerous that gets him fired from Peter’s perfect dream job, making Peter back to the “having to struggle to make rent” character he’d been for the last 50 years, give or take a writer’s run where they forget he has a job.

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