Speaker of Marvel, they are boosting the goodies you get if you join their Marvel Insider program, which although they’ve been calling it new, debuted at San Diego last year. The program allows you to get bonus points for doing things with Marvel online (I really should join I guess) and then you get discounts and goodies and so on

For Secret Empire, the controversial line-wide event that launches on May 3rd,  the program extends to buying actual Marvel comics at actual stores, via the digital codes included in each issue.

Marvel Insider members who purchase Secret Empire comics at their local stores can rack up major Marvel Insider bonus points for redeeming the digital codes for each issue! Currently, Marvel Insiders can already earn up to 2,000 points per week for redeeming 10 digital codes at 200 points each. For each Secret Empire issue, Marvel Insiders will also earn an additional 1,000 bonus points on top of the regular 200 points for their digital code redeem – that’s a total of 1,200 points per issue! As a special reward for “completing the set,” Marvel Insiders who redeem digital codes for all 9 issues of Secret Empire will earn a whopping 10,000 points bonus!



Get it: secret empires, Marvel insiders, takeovers. It all makes sense.

This is a new use of the program to aid physical stores, part of Marvel’s whole program to shore up their sales.

Secret Empire #1 has FOC on the 10th so retailers, will this make you order let more.

BTW here’s a study of the Marvel Insider program from someone who studies loyalty programs, and back when it launched, let’s say there were issues. Maybe this will make the program a bit more…rewarding for readers.



  1. I love the irony of a comic company launching a line-wide event where the Nazis won at the same time they tried shifting the blame of their terrible sales on minority and women characters.

  2. The Marvel Insider Program would benefit from more interesting rewards. Rewards such as “Get Drawn Into A Marvel Comic Book” are listed on the Rewards page, but are marked as “Out of Stock.” What’s left consists primarily of digital comics, gaming enhancements, and “social packs.” Nothing along the lines of exclusive T-shirts, figures, toys, or that sort of thing are currently available.

  3. Hysterics much, Chris? Did no one ever tell you that it’s juvenile to call somebody a Nazi just because you disagree with them? Godwin’s Law, and all? That’s not even what Marvel said, just that “diverse” books aren’t selling as well as the throw-backs, and it was mostly the retailers that pointed this out. You’re just making things up to show off how outraged you are.

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