Getting comics work from writer Warren Ellis (Injection) is cause for celebration, especially at the Big Two publishers where his output has been scarce recently. While the first issue of the writer’s acclaimed Karnak series launched in October, fans haven’t seen a monthly release schedule from the Gerardo Zaffino-drawn (Winterworld) comic book. This afternoon Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso assured CBR Axel-in-Charge column writer and CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching that more Karnak will be on the way soon. The second issue of the comic is slated for a Feb. release date;

“There were some unforeseen complications in Gerardo’s life,” Alonso told CBR. “But we’re committed to continuing the book and everyone is working hard to get the next issue out for fans as quickly as possible. Our creators have lives outside of comics, and sometimes those lives have difficulties that can get in the way of writing or drawing. Right now, issue #2 should ship in February and will hopefully come out more regularly beyond that.”

In the beginning installments of Comics Beats’ All-New, All-Different Marvel Rundown column (formerly titled A Month of Venturing into the Marvel Universe,) we said that Karnak was “going into the pull box” and gave a quick review on the series;

“I’m willing to accept this and continue to read what Warren Ellis has in-store for the character. Karnak could really have gone through an impressive religious-style awakening in his own character, becoming somebody that S.H.I.E.L.D. could tap on reserve — but man is it off-putting to see the character go from Inhuman outcast to S.H.I.E.L.D. reserve player (and go onto be super connected in the greater Marvel Universe). Author Warren Ellis tells an incredibly interesting yarn with a new version of Karnak that has garnished a set of religious followers, and can function as an interesting action hero. If Ellis was going to continue writing in his silent action-style narrative, he needed someone as powerful as Declan Shalvey to depict the visuals. Thankfully, Gerardo Zaffino is a heavy hitter here, functioning as a resident badass delivering something in the same vein of Shalvey but still all his own. While he isn’t Jordie Bellaire, Dan Brown gives this comic a vivid splash of green in the way he colors this title.”

As of the moment, Marvel states that Karnak #2 is slated for a Feb. 3, CBR and Marvel unveiled the following Karnak #2 page from Zaffino;



  1. If only there were some way for editors not to release the first issue of a series until they had the first six issues completed. But it’s impossible, I assume.

  2. 1. Ugh. That page is pretty much what I hate about modern comics and their cinematic pretensions.

    2. “Our creators have lives outside of comics, and sometimes those lives have difficulties that can get in the way of writing or drawing”

    I don’t think there is any other area of entertainment where that would be acceptable. I’m not sure if that says something positive for how comic creators are treated or is a negative statement on how rinky-dink the whole industry is.


  3. I recently binged the acclaimed Prez mini from DC and was mildly dismayed that a middle issue of that mini was by a different artist. Fortunately I paid nothing for it so standards are sufficiently adjusted. But philosophically I think I’d rather have a delay than an artist change.

    The first issue of Karnak I did purchase with designs on the brief affair that is a Marvel Ellis project. This complicates things…and that’s exactly why I deigned to indulge in a mini, even one as rare as a Warren Ellis mini…that it wasn’t going to be complicated. It was going to be quick and rapturous and over before I realized I don’t do minis until they’re released and in my hands and being read all at once.

    At least it didn’t happen in the middle before I snapped out of it. Trade it is then. I wish Zaffino well and hope everything is alright.

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