It’s only gossip for now but we can but hope:

El Mayimbe at Latino Review reports that Marvel’s first standalone movie following “Captain America 2” will be none other than “Black Panther.” Screenwriter Mark Bailey was hired to write “Black Panther” in January 2011, and according to what El Mayimbe hears, “the script is fantastic.”

Scooper points to various clues in Marvel movies—a map of Wakanda here, a vein of vibranium there—as evidence a Black Panther movie might be in the works. Reminder: T’Challa, king of Wakanda and the first major superhero of color in superhero comics, is, like Luke Cage, a role beloved of every actor of color. A partial list of those whose names have been suggested:


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje?




Djimon Honsou?


Chiwetel Ejiofor?

Someone else?


  1. I thought Wesley Snipes was interested a few years back. Chris Evans double dipped, so can Snipes. I’m not sure of he legal situation these days though.

  2. I just hope they are working with the Christopher Priest run of BP, that would be stellar. Presenting him as a 10 moves ahead head of state and master of realpolitik would be awesome.

    I’d love to see Idris Elba in the role. T.I. in the role would be a disaster.

  3. Black Panther is a very young man when he assumes the throne. Donald Glover campaigned for an audition as Spider-Man. I’m sure he could bulk up a bit and be credible in the role.

    Beyond that, what’s Michael Jai White doing right now?

  4. Although Priest’s run is good, the screenwriter needs to review the initial run by Jack Kirby (1977). Full-on crazy, African techno-magic crackle. Indiana T’Challa, royal intrigue, and King Solomon’s Frogs crazy crackle.

    And sorry, no rappers or sports stars. Marvel are only using ACTORS.

  5. Please…!
    Panther versus the KKK, or Panther’s Quest would do more to make a credible character than anything I’ve ever read after that.

    Maybe a good dose of Don McGregor/Reginald Hudlin would be appropriate. I’d personally move Wakanda below Kenya on the African map. It makes more sense, and frankly the lead needs to have utter star-studded screen presence.

    He’s a KING, then a hero.

  6. “We will have an understanding between us. Speak of it to no man.” Obviously you have to start with the Kirby origin, but to understand the character, you have to read the Priest work.

  7. any mention of the panther showing up or being mentioned in any of the avengers’ solo flicks or even in the avengers sequels? having him standing alongside characters like cap, hulk, thor, and the widow, visually would look amazing. maybe i’m wrong, but i thought i heard something about marvel wanting to keep as many of their characters (in the movies) in one cohesive universe as possible.

  8. I hope this is Priest Panther and has absolutely nothing to do with Hudlin’s Panther whatsoever.

    This also bodes well for those who want Panther and Storm to break up in the comics! Yayyy