You’re gonna need a bigger coffee table. Marvel and ReedPOP just upped their deluxe edition game with the MARVEL MADE PARAGON COLLECTION, a line of super limited collector’s editions that are equally handsome and hefty. This line will recognize Marvel’s most iconic creators, storylines and events, and to kick things off, we’re getting the Chris Claremont Marvel Made Paragon Collection. Very iconic!

The package sells for $199 (plus shipping and tax) and includes hand-numbered and individually signed high-end books and lithographs. But don’t dawdle: This product will only be available from today until November 20th via MarvelMade.net. And to add to the suspense, it will only be made if 1,200 pre-orders or more are received — and if they get more orders, special stretch goal extras will be released.

Considering that Claremont is the author of some of the most pivotal tales of Marvel’s most beloved characters, you shouldn’t be in too much suspense about whether they will get enough orders. The deluxe, faux-leather tome will include X-Men #94, the Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and other legendary tales sure to quicken the pulses — and lighten the wallets — of Marvel fans.

MARVELMade_Logo-web.jpgThe Marvel Made program was announced back in July,  as a partnership with ReedPOP the company behind NYCC, C2E2 and many other huge pop culture events. Marvel produces the high-end limited edition collectible boxes, and ReedPOP powers the portal. The first release was a limited edition Skottie Young collection. Now they’ve upped the levels even further with the PARAGON COLLECTION.

Besides the book collecting the stories — which nestles inside a larger, jumbo sized slipcase which resembles the book, Russian doll style — you’ll get all-new lithographs from artists such as Phil Noto and Salvador Larroca and an exclusive variant comic book cover of Wolverine #6 by Olivier Coipel. You want an exclusive story? You got one: the collection will include an 20-page prequel story for Days of Future Past, written by Claremont and drawn by Larroca.

“This collection with Marvel Made is a beautiful new compendium of some of my best, plus a beautifully illustrated new story by Salvador Larroca. Here’s where fans get to see Nightcrawler and Bloody Bess save the world,” said Claremont in a statement. “Wanna find out how? Get this collection. I can’t wait to have this on my own shelf.”

According to Marvel’s Mike Pasciullo, VP, Marketing & Communications, the response to the Skottie Young bundle made it clear that fans wanted this kind of fancy collectible, and demand is driven entirely by the fans. “We were thrilled by the ecstatic response we saw from our fans. The demand for more Marvel exclusivity was clear, especially for the stories that shaped the Marvel Universe we know today,” he said. “The Paragon Collection, starting with the legendary Chris Claremont, is one of the most exciting high-end exclusive series we’ve made available ever.”

And here is the complete line-up, pre-stretch goals:


  • A high-end matte slipcase (11.02″ x 13.58″) with a gorgeous prestige format faux-leather hardcover collection (7.28” x 10.83”), hand-numbered and featuring 448 gold-gilded pages containing:
    • Signed with one of four iconic X-Men quotes handwritten by Chris Claremont
    • A behind-the-scenes foreword by comic book icon Louise Simonson
    • Uncanny X-Men #94 (Chris Claremont’s inaugural chapter of the X-Men)
    • Uncanny X-Men #129–137 (The Dark Phoenix Saga)
    • Uncanny X-Men #141–142 (Days of Future Past)
    • Wolverine #1–4 (Chris Claremont’s groundbreaking limited series illustrated by Frank Miller)
    • Uncanny X-Men #268 (An iconic story featuring Captain America and Black Widow)
    • X-Men #1 (The world’s best-selling comic book of all time, illustrated by Jim Lee)
    • A brand-new Days of Future Past 20-page prequel story, in continuity, with art by Salvador Larroca
    • Original Days of Future Past notes and script by Chris Claremont
    • Brand-new behind-the-scenes interviews with Chris Claremont about his most iconic and shocking X-Men stories
  • An exclusive Days of Future Past-themed variant cover of Wolverine #6 by Olivier Coipel – only available on Marvel Made!
  • An exclusive set of numbered lithographs (7″ x 10.5″) by renowned artists including Phil Noto, Salvador Larocca – only available on Marvel Made!
  • A Marvel Made Paragon Collection Certificate of Authenticity

Marvel Unlimited Annual and Marvel Unlimited Annual+ members who pre-order the bundle will also receive an exclusive Days of Future Past-themed sketch variant cover of Wolverine #6, drawn by Olivier Coipel.

As you can see, this Marvel Made Paragon edition mixes up the prestige of a deluxe collector’s edition with the excitement of a crowdfunding campaign – pretty clever.








  1. What amount of royalties (and copies) do the other creators receive?

    Is this limited to 1200 copies? Is there limit on the number purchased? Or can speculators buy up the entire run like the recent G.I.Joe exclusives?

  2. Before his death, Dave Cockrum complained that Claremont took credit for plots that Cockrum came up with, such as “Kitty’s Fairy Tale.”

    I already have these stories in cheaper reprints, so no need to spend a fortune for this.

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