Or so this just released promo would indicate.

The Robert Kirkman-penned (!) Marvel Zombies spinoff in 2005-6 was a bestseller for Marvel, leading to lots of rotting superhero covers. In the intervening time, zombies have lost none of their bite. (Sorry,)

Like a zombie, this is a no brainer.


  1. I find it really terribly, tragically sad that the guy who started w/ zombie stuff at Marvel went and slipped away to do his own zombie book.. and then sold that into a deal which made millions and billions and zillions of heaping mountains of dollars.. and Marvel/Dis didn’t even get to see one single, tiny, itty-bitty penny of all that (ever growing) cash. .. sob!

  2. @Horatio Weisfeld You’re a fox news pundit, right? … Walking Dead #1 came out in late 2003 while Mark Millar (not Robert Kirkman) created the Marvel Zombies in 2005.

  3. fox news pundit
    @Ong Kor:
    Can’t a guy get a few things wrong without being called these names?

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