WARNING: The following article features what appear to be spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #26, set to release on Wednesday, May 31st. Do not read further if you want to avoid knowing what happens in the issue.

On the chance you somehow avoided social media all day, you may not have heard about leaked pages from Amazing Spider-Man #26 that spoiled the apparent death of a major Marvel character. With the information now in the internet, Marvel has revealed the full solicit details for the Fallen Friend one-shot in July.

One last warning!

It’s true, Kamala Khan better known as Ms. Marvel will meet her demise in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #26. The news has already sparked quite a discourse online. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly Exclusive, details for the Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel one-shot issue were revealed. According to the press release, the issue will feature all-star lineup of talent associated with Ms. Marvel including the character’s co-creator, G. Willow Wilson; the writer of Ms. Marvel’s last solo series, Saladin Ahmed; and Mark Waid, who previously wrote Ms. Marvel in the pages of Avengers and The Champions. Artists involved in the issue include Humberto Ramos, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Andrea Di Vito. The issue features a cover drawn by Kaare Andrews.

Fallen FriendIf you’re a Marvel reader, this one-shot should call to mind the Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America miniseries that was released after the character’s death back in 2007. And much like Captain America, if you believe for one second that Ms. Marvel’s death is permanent, you clearly have not read enough comics. The current theory is that with the X-Men literally having the means of resurrection at their fingertips, a mechanism for Kamala’s return is already in place. Moreover, bringing her back through Krakoa might also have the added benefit of making her a mutant as well as changing her powers to more closely align with the MCU version of Ms. Marvel as portrayed by Iman Vellani.

Look for Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, July 12th.


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