Marvel continues its nostalgia based publishing strategy with the announcement of a new Exiles book from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Rodriguez. Ahmed is coming off his well received Black Bolt series.

As those who recall that halcyon era of Marvel after a period of creative and financial stagnation and decline, the original Exiles book launched in 2001 by writer Judd Winick and artist Mike McKone involving alternate universe versions of classic Marvel characters saving the multiverse from various threats.

This new series will continue to play with Marvel’s multiverse but with a completely new roster of characters including Blink, Iron Lad, an older Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, a cartoony Wolverine, and yet to be revealed fifth member.

“EXILES is a two-fisted, big-hearted wild ride of a book about a diverse team of alternate universe Marvel heroes banding together to stop a dire threat to the multiverse. Sort of WHAT IF? meets classic X-Men,” Ahmed teased in a statement. “Grizzled old Kamala Khan! Disgustingly cute cartoon Wolverine! It’s a dream of a book to be working on for a Marvel fanboy such as myself, full of deep-cut guest stars and mind-blowing easter eggs. But it’s also new-reader friendly — a self-contained story of a group of misfits coming together, learning to trust each other, and, if they’re lucky, saving the !@$# universe.”

The last volume of Exiles from writer Jeff Parker and artist Salva Espin lasted only 6 issues before cancellation. It’s unknown whether this upcoming Exiles book is an ongoing or limited series. Based on the recent string of cancelled ongoing series lately, smart guess would be a limited series because I’m not sure if an Exiles ongoing series would even survive a year in this current comics market.


Variant Cover MIKE MCKONE
On-Sale 4/11/18


Cover by David Marquez



Variant Cover by Mike McKone


  1. On the one hand, I’m a little non-plussed at another Wolverine being in another Marvel book (which includes the return of the original, Old Man Logan, X-23, his son from the Ultimate Universe and maybe one or two others currently active with the name that I’m not recalling)

    But then again, assuming it’s the one from Chris Giarusso’s Mini Marvels strips I can give him a pass.

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