Marvel is teaming up with AXE, creators of fine body sprays, for a campaign featuring a brand-new team of teen heroes for the Marvel U. The Fresh-Men is a group of five students at the Future Minds School in Chicago, IL. With powers ranging from fire-starting to super-hacking to invisibility, The Fresh-Men use their powers to combat…lack of chill?

Check out the first chapter of their adventures in this three-minute motion comic:

Additional chapters can be found here, and find the team going up against Fantastic Four villain Klaw, and trying to avoid capture despite smelling distractingly good because of their AXE body spray. Each character is meant to represent a different scent in the AXE Ice Chill product line-up. We don’t see the heroes suit up in the 2nd chapter of the story, but if I had to guess they do so by spraying themselves with their respective scents, emerging from a cloud of body spray in their costumes.

So this is clearly ridiculous, but as far as Marvel corporate partnerships go, a team-up with AXE is far less egregious than one with, say, a defense contractor. This also seems intended to be a tongue-in-cheek story, which is probably a good thing for a group of heroes who, and I’m just spitballing here, got their powers after being bitten by radioactive cans of body spray. I’ll also say this for the team: it’s more diverse, in terms of gender, race, and body type, than nearly any other Marvel team. They just all also happen to smell like AXE body spray.

Head over to AXE’s minisite for the other motion comic chapters — three are currently available, with two more coming soon. The site also features a playlist inspired by The Fresh-Men, as well as bios for each of the characters. I look forward to seeing what role The Fresh-Men play in Incoming! and other future Marvel events.


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