Oh that Mark Millar. When he’s not very ill and in hospital, he’s preparing for a TV appearance as any sane pundit would — by drinking heavily.

It all started out on Millarworld with the announcement he was going to be on the RICHARD AND JUDY show, which is apparently some kind of Brit chat show, sort of like Regis and whoever, we imagine. Tension mounted, however, when his plane was delayed.

Plane has been delayed and the soonest I’ll even reach GATWICK is 3pm. The soonest. And the show starts at 5! Fucking Hell, this is going to be tight as I have to get all the way to Waterloo. Also, seem to have lost my passport… which you actually need now for domestic flights!!

Graeme at the Newsarama blog then picks up the story, as Millarworlders live post his appearance. It is not flattering. Sample: “He looks sweaty and terrified.”

Mark reappears to explain:

The delays at Glasgow meant I got in with mere minutes to spare and rushed into the studio seconds before going on air. But the worst part was that the delays at Glasgow PLUS a bar meant I got pretty wasted to pass the time. Big mistake!!

The whole thing was a giddy whirl. Nobody realized, thank God, and Gambo was able to cover for me, I think. But it was actually a great, though brief, experience. The people were super-nice and the Green Room afterwards was the weirdest mix. I still feel hazy as I bounced around from Boris to Pet Shop Boys, etc. What a weird afternoon!

In airport lounge now and shooting back to Glasgow- a 1000 mile round trip for six minutes on telly! But it was actually a cracking experience and I got a goodie bag to boot!

The illo we have is an enhanced view of Mark’s appearance, apparently some reference to Judy being a bit of totty. Folks, do not try this at home! We are relieved to find that Mark is an actual Superman expert, though, which makes his writing RED SON much more legit.


  1. The Judy insert is from the occasion when her and husband Richard won a TV award for This Morning. On live prime time TV you understand, they went on stage to collect the award but, somehow, Judy’s top had fallen open to reveal her – ahem -undergarments without her knowledge. Shamed TV host John Leslie had to run on stage during her acceptance speech to cover her up.

    She took the incident in good humour which is why all right thinking UK residents love her.

  2. “all right thinking UK residents love her.”

    I for one am deeply frightened by the both of them, I used to watch the Richard and Judy show in a state of perpetual horror and confusion, mainly because the producers allowed it to be broardcast in the first place.