Albert Ching [r} shown here with Rebellion’s Michael Molcher was not only a jornalist but a charter member of the Tall Guys in Plaid Shirts Club. 
In a tweet, Albert Ching announced he was stepping down from his position as Managing Editor of Comic Book Resources.

Although this is a little late for the recent “comics news site editor in chief” diaspora, the old order doth change!

Albert took the reigns of running CBR after founder Jonah Weiland sold it to Valnet in 2016. But he’s been a contributor to the site for far longer, since 2013, and over the years become a Certified Beat Pal™. Many’s the junket where we shared laughs and gossip, as well as insights and information. He is one of the best and we wish him much success in his new field. And we have a feeling that like many a Comics emigrant,  Albert may still show up here and there.

Ching’s successor has yet to be named.



  1. If that’s truly Mark Waid, thanks so much for all the interviews over the years! As a fan of yours for nearly 25 years, it’s meant a ton to me. I think we first officially talked in 2010 when I started full-time at Newsarama. You wouldn’t remember this, but you actually helped me out with a project I did in high school about my aspirations to work in comics, and were very helpful and insightful. I’ll always appreciate that!

  2. I don’t know or know of Albert, but this is sad to me. I used to live on CBR when Steven Grant was writing for them and they were doing the Legends Revealed series. It was fun site then turned to garbage. That strikes me as Albert being a smart guy if he’s taking off.

  3. is a dumpster fire. They sold the company and everything went downhill. It’s terribly managed and no longer relevant. Thankfully there are plenty of other sites and social media outlets now.

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