MORE bearded hobo Clark.

The short version: We get to see Superman’s origin AGAIN, but it’s the Grant Morrison version. Seriously, is there a more enduring story in modern literature? This time it’s with Ozymandias no panties Clark Kent.

Color us Kent-curious.


  1. Looks great, but I have to wonder: Are we going to have another superhero leading lady who looks to be 18 years old? I’m getting tired of seeing young gals playing Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, nuclear physicists, and crusading district attorneys. Talk about suspension of disbelief!

  2. I’m really hoping Snyder gets it right this time. The last Supe movie was a sad waste. Jackie, I agree with you too. Suspension of belief is one thing but the last L.L. could have been properly played by someone much older.

  3. and Lois in the comics is what, 32ish? Amy Adams is perfectly age appropriate.

    But man, what a dour trailer. Why cant’ DC movies ever be fun?

  4. In which yet another woman who is of age and accomplished, and yet cursed with good looks, is devalued for looking too pretty. Can’t possibly be smart at 38 years old, and physically fit, don’t you know. FAKE GEEK

  5. I think Amy Adams is the perfect choice for Lois Lane – she looks smart, she’s a great actress, she is pretty without being impossibly beautiful. The trailer looks pretty great to me.

  6. Huh, I thought the Amy Adams casting was spot on and love having a grown up, beautiful Lois instead of a teen-aged baby mama, as with the previous Superman movie.

  7. “I’m getting tired of seeing young gals playing Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists,”

    Yeah. So how about we get an accomplished woman (and mother) who is well regarded in her craft as noted by the critics awards and nominations (for Golden Globes and Academy Awards) she’s received for her past body of work. Oh. They did.

    On the plus side, she’s already been in movies with Batman, Cyclops, Michael Sullivan, Underdog and The Muppets. So she should be ready for this.

  8. Wow guys, lets put down the repelling gear. No need to jump down anyone’s throat. Not everyone is going to know who Amy Adams is, and she is very youthful looking in this trailer. @Traci: Did you just seriously call Jackie Estrada a fake geek or were you saying Jackie was calling Adams a fake geek? Seriously? I mean really really? I mean I’m typing this and thinking, “either way, that’s totally gotta be a joke. and if it’s not, there’s like, major ironies all up in that grill.” You are joking, right? Because, if you’re not, I’d go Google her, and then come back here and still say, “Yes, I was kidding. You got me.” I mean, I don’t want to be rude, but I’m just totally wowed by that comment. If people only new how long she’s been involved in comics and what she’s done to bring in more female readers, they’d just… never mind.
    In other news, I got chills watching this trailer. It looks really great to me.

  9. Look, I apologize about that. I just hate seeing people who have worked so hard for so many years to help bring about the world of respect for comics that we have today, be disrespected. She’s a long time friend and the industry has her to thank for a lot.

  10. Moonlight, are you on crack? The comment (which was, of course, a joke, Mr Sensitive) was directed at Amy Adams, who, apparently, can’t possibly be smart and accomplished, what with her being only 38 and yet far too young-looking to be Lois Lane and all.

    And did you seriously think more people would give a shit who the hell Jackie Estrada is, yet wouldn’t be able to google Amy Adam’s age before taking a cheap shot at her?

    Take a pill.

  11. I jumped the gun in that I was just using the opportunity to spout off on one of my pet peeves about the superhero movies of the past several years. I don’t know anything about the new Superman movie and have generally been a fan of Zack Snyder’s films (“Sucker Punch” withstanding!).

  12. I have concerns. Love the casting of Superman, he looks great. Suit still looks awful and enough with Snyder and his damn three point landings and take offs. Do something different for once. He’s my biggest concern but at the least, he might make an action packed Superman movie which would be a live action first.

    Love Amy Adams as an actress but physically and not who i would have chosen for the role. She’d have been a PERFECT Lana Lang though.

  13. DC taking the fun out of superheroes. Superman and Batman can have a wicked brood off, who is more dejected. DC is taking this way too seriously. I have an idea re-release Christopher Reeve Superman in 3D, done.

  14. oh yeah. brilliant idea Jesse.
    That movie is dated, cheesy, and if it wasn’t for nostalgia fueling love for it, it would be (at best) a groan inducing snooze. A wigged out Luthor with campy cronies, a plain jane Lois, and nothing overly awe-inspiring. It would only appeal to 40 year olds who would rather stay home and watch it on blu-ray (or Netflix streaming) in 20 minute bursts while wrestling the remote away from the 3.5 kids who have zero interest in it.

  15. Face it. Action movies are made for 10-20 year olds. That’s the key demographic, and they’re the ones that go see movies (and more importantly buy all the merchandise).
    So if those movies star actors and actresses in their 20s, well us old folks just have to learn to adapt.

    Or stay home and watch movies on TCM.

  16. Brooding and SUPER SERIOUS YOU GUYS works for Batman but when you use it on the optimistic guy who wears bright red and blue (and a cape no less) it comes off as unintentionally hilarious.

  17. “Face it. Action movies are made for 10-20 year olds…”
    “Jonboy – disagree. Loved most of the recent Marvel movies, the new Trek, etc. and I’m 27.”

    Zach – ah. So you agree.
    (27 = 20 year olds)

  18. “instead of a teen-aged baby mama, as with the previous Superman movie.”

    It’s amazing how hard it is for some people to grasp the idea that the characters actors play in movies need not be the same age as the actors who play them. But why think when you can snark, amirite?

  19. Pret-tent-ious…

    It looks like the first half of the movie he debating whether or not to to open that Pickle shop in Williamsburg . In the real world, people who feel special and mopey like that are just called the rich with the superpower of not having to work right away.

    So in the age of Nolan where it always gray skays and even grayer moods, he picks up his suit at the Chippendales North Pole branch after spending half the movie at swearing it off , makes DC & Time Warner some money , then saves the world against recycled villains with haunting music as the backdrop. Might be better than the recent version but that’s easy pickings. The movie was done right the first time in the 70’s.

  20. p.s. since I feel a bit bad about trying to throw water on the excitement, just notice all the parts they are leaving out before you guys go gaga over this movie…Russell Crowe has .5 seconds in it, probably for the same reason they edited his farsical singing quickly out of the trailer for Les Miserable. My guess is that if he passes for a great scientist on Krypton, it’s for the alien study of hops & barley. The villains which look like they are entering Green Lantern territory= their 1 second of trailer time.The flying does looks cool but they edit out the stuff that doesn’t work which leaves them with the hipster/savoir theme that only has to make sense for 2 minutes. Like it did in lets say circa 2006. Trailers are usually made by the best in the business. Movies are harder.Remember this is directed by the guy made Watchmen.(the movie) Not on my wish list of credits.

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