Magnetic Press continues its mission to bring a bunch of great looking French comics to the US with announcement they’ll b publishing Tony Sandoval’s DOOMBOY, an official selection at the 2012 Festival d’Angouleme and winner of the “Coup de Coeur” Youth Jury prize. Magnatic’s first ever English edition will be out in September.

The story concerns an ordinary teenage boy who loves metal music. After his girlfriend dies, he becomes Doomboy, and plays heartfelt music to her. But when other people hear this music, “Doomboy” becomes a legend.

Sandoval is known for his other books Nocturno, The Corpse And The Couch, and his most recent work, The Sea Serpent.

As you can see from the six page preview below, Sandoval’s work, in addition to being gorgeous, is a teeny bit reminiscent of the recent hit Beautiful Darkness. French comics have been a hard sell in the US for a long time, but I think that is changing quickly because of more comics in a more up to date style.

More information is available at the Magnetic website.

doomboy-preview 00001.jpg

doomboy-preview 00002.jpg

doomboy-preview 00003.jpg

doomboy-preview 00004.jpg

doomboy-preview 00005.jpg

doomboy-preview 00006.jpg


  1. I share a studio with Tony in Berlin and he’s one of the best artists I’ve ever seen. This book (and his others) are gorgeous.

  2. Doomboy sounds cool. It is the first time I heard about a metal music hero. Looks like his super powers will come from his guitar. I am very interested to see this one. Another great work from Tony Sandoval!

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