THRONE OF ELDRAINE gives your Magic Commander decks so many great new cards [Spoiler Video]

Alex Lu breaks down all the best new Magic: the Gathering cards revealed in yesterday's Throne of Eldraine spoiler stream for your Commander deck


Eldraine Beauty and the BeastYesterday, Wizards of the Coast revealed a huge chunk of the upcoming fall Magic: the Gathering expansion, Throne of Eldraine. Inspired by German folklore and fairytales, the world of Eldraine pulls from stories by the Brothers Grimm and many others whom we know and love. Eldraine is a world of Faeries and beasts. It’s a land of knights and round tables. It’s a world where, as we learned yesterday in the stunning set trailer, gingerbread people come to life…they lead short and traumatic lives, but lives all the same.

Capitalizing and building upon the momentum they created during the promotion of Spring 2019’s War of the Spark expansion, the Throne of Eldraine trailer is a full on cinematic. We don’t get to see much of the world itself, as we spend most of our time in a kitchen. However, we do get to see knights, fall in love with gingerbread people, and witness the return of a long-missing fan-favorite Planeswalker: Garruk Wildspeaker.

Eldraine Garruk

But what about the cards, Alex? What cards should I pick up for my decks? Well, as anyone can tell you, I know squat about constructed. Whether or not a card is good in Standard or Modern, I probably can’t really say. What I can say, however, is how excited I am to play so many of the cards we saw yesterday in my Commander (EDH) decks! From Adventures to Oko, the planeswalker with a BOD, this set is only just starting to be revealed and it’s already filled to the brim with goodies.

Watch as I break down all the relevant Throne of Eldraine Commander cards that were revealed yesterday. I break down some of the new legendary creatures and talk about the possible decks you might craft with them. If you’re already brewing like I am, making a shopping list of all the cards you’ll need to pick up once this Magic set releases in a few short weeks, you don’t want to miss this — else you might get left behind in the speculator stew pot!

Stay tuned to The Beat for further breakdowns of Throne of Eldraine cards — especially in the context of Commander! And subscribe to the YouTube Channel. We’re just getting started!