MAD Magazine now has its own iPad app; the laffer launched yesterday on Alfred E. Neuman’s birthday.

The app is free to download but you can purchase individual issues through it for $4.99, or back issues for $1.99, or subscribe for $1.99 per issue or just pay an annual fee of $9.99 upfront—which is the top-selling option for now. If you’re a print subscriber, you get the digital sub for free. All in all, there’s bound to be a good deal there. The e-mag will include all the print material with added interactive elements.

The app was developed by 1K Studios, a Cinram Digital Media company.

DC Entertainment today announced plans to release a new MAD Magazine iPad app complete with interactive features and exclusive content. The app will be released on April Fool’s Day, an appropriate date since it’s also the birthday of MAD’s infamous mascot, Alfred E. Neuman. The app will be free to download through the App Store and will include a mixture of free and paid content, including a free preview of the magazine.

“We’re delighted to bring MAD to the iPad,” said MAD Editor John Ficarra. “We think the MAD app may be just the thing to turn the struggling iPad around and make it successful -though most experts think it may be just the thing that kills it altogether.”

The MAD app will include interactive versions of all current issues, access to a library of back issues and books, animated covers and “fold-in” pages, promo videos from the hit Cartoon Network show, MAD, and a link to MAD’s popular blog The Idiotical. In addition to the regular issue interactive “fold-in,” digital issues will also include a second, classic interactive “fold-in” from a past issue. Fans of Sergio Aragones’ MAD Marginals will enjoy a feature that allows readers to “pop-up” the margin artwork for a larger, more detailed view.

While the app will mirror all editorial components in print issues, many digital versions will include interactive elements. For example, the digital version of the current issue’s “MAD’s Make Your Own Twilight Movie” lets readers create multiple storylines and highlights their choices as they make them for a ridiculous visual punch line.

“With this app we’ve taken everything that MAD readers like in the print magazine, and added entertaining digital design and fun interactivity,” stated Hank Kanalz, senior vice president of digital, DC Entertainment. “The app also creates a one-stop destination for all things MAD, from TV to the magazine to the blog.”


  1. I remember very carefully holding the arrows together so I could see the fold-in without putting creases in the magazine.

    I may have been a strange child.