Co-written by Robert Mackenzie and Dave Walker and drawn by artist Justin Greenwood, Compass will take the reader to another time and another age of exploration – starting June 16 as a five issue miniseries for teenage readers from Image Comics.

compass comic

Set in the later part of the Islamic Golden Age, in the 13th century, Shahidah El-Amin journeys from Baghdad’s House of Wisdom where her quest for discovery brings her to the British Isles and the Welsh tribes who are rumoured to possess the secret of eternal life. And a rival seeking the same thing.

The Compass comic miniseries aims to provide a different approach to the popular adventure genre. Says co-writer Robert Mackenzie:

“Compass was born out of our desire to tell a story of discovery without colonialism, of adventure without exploitation—something with the verve and energy of the pulps, but with a perspective that hadn’t been seen much in that genre,” said Robert Mackenzie.

Co-writer Dave Walker chimes in, “This story has been with Robert and I since our earliest days writing together. We wanted to step into a world that felt definably real—but still with the thrills of haunted ruins, ancient wonders, deadly rivals.”

Justin Greenwood, the artist on the series, added: “Compass has just the kind of energy and fun that I’d been looking for in a new project. The sense of adventure is palpable in every issue and Shahi is one of the most engaging characters I’ve ever gotten to draw. Compass being a teen book is also a big bonus for me creatively, as my kids are finally getting old enough to read comics too. I’ve always enjoyed this type of pulpy action comic but being able to share it with my family is a new and gratifying experience.”

The Compass comic was given a not insignificant assist from acclaimed writer Greg Rucka, who said:

“I fell in love with Dave and Robert’s idea the moment they shared it with me. I love stories rooted in historical truth, in facts that have somehow been overlooked or—more frequently, I think—ignored in favor of another, more ‘traditional’ narrative.”

He continues, “As much as Compass is an action-adventure with all of those wonderful pulp elements I adore, its engine is personal and intimate, ultimately about the friendship between two very impressive, very capable women from two very different backgrounds. As soon as I realized that, I knew Justin was the only artist who could deliver what Dave and Robert were after. I’m very proud to claim a very small part in making this book come to life.”

compass comic

Compass comic

compass comic

compass comic