Animatedlost Small
Waitaminnit! That Slaterman23 is quite the busy bee — he’s also designed a Lost: The Animated Series poster. Click for larger image!

Looking at this, it’s obvious that Lost is MADE for an animated spin-off…who will be the first to draw the model sheets for LOST BABIES?

Ff Lost Opener 1000 F

Speaking of Lost, shooting of the final episode officially wrapped this weekend, making Damon Lindelof sad. Lindelof and Carlton Cuse — the two show runners known colloquially as “Darlton” — have vowed to never talk about the finale after the show airs — they will take the secret of Libby to their grave. Maybe. But that doesn’t mean they can’t yap to Wired magazine before the finale, in this impressive package of coverage.

For those wondering what is going on, ever reliable Vulture rounded up The Latest Internet Lost Theories — warning, SPOILERS.


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