Is Jin dead?

Don’t forget, people: Set those DVRs for an extra hour (or two). Tonight’s season finale starts at 9 ET. And they are replaying the part of the finale at 8 ET, which contains extra footage from the press conference.

We’re supposed to get some answers to some big questions tonight (like who’s in the coffin from last season’s final episode), so here is a place for you to throw out your crazy Doc Jensen-like theories before the show actually airs this evening. Also, check out this LA Times story about how the LOST scripts aren’t quite what we see on the tube.

Be warned: There COULD be people posting spoilers in the comments, so read at your own peril.

Look for a LOST recap sometime tomorrow. As always, The Helper Monkey’s work schedule means not knowing whether he will get to see the broadcast live or have to wait until the wee hours of the morning.

Let the nerd countdown begin.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. I have achieved nothing at work today because of this. I can’t think about anything other than connections to Lost Horizon and the biblical relationships of the children of Abraham, rewatching portions of old episodes.

    I really cannot believe the effect this show has on me. I hate television, yet I love LOST. It is the eternal mystery.

  2. I heard that polar bear from season one shows up and bites Sawyer’s balls off. My source might be wrong, though.

  3. Sawyer will make a sacrifice to save the many [ala Spock] and “die.”

    Michael will redeem himself.

    Ben is Locke’s step-brother.

    Christian, Jack’s father, is in the coffin.

    Claire is immortal.

    Walt is going to get loud.

    Aaron is the reason for everything.

  4. barely a 4th through the episode and i’m sooooo sensing that they succeed in moving the island… only instead of moving it geographically they move it in time!

  5. Hey everybody guess what? Jeremy Bentham’s in the coffin! Can you believe it? Wait, who the hell is Jeremy Bentham!!!??? (posted just about 1hr. into season 4 finale).

  6. I have one question. How come Desmond did not see a vision of the boat exploding? Did he lose his powers?

    Ok, I have more than one question. In the first year, Aaron was said by the psychic to be more or less Rosemary’s Baby or The Omen, some evil child who must not be adopted and must stay with Claire. The psychic insisted Claire accompany that child to L.A., presumable because the psychic knew the plane would go down. So now Claire is insisting Aaron stay with Kate, not even with Jack, and to never bring him back to reunite with Claire (in whatever state she actually is). Did the show *ever* revisit just what was so special about Aaron?

    Oh well, what the heck…Walt’s name is officially on the plane where only six people survived, so Walt is officially dead. But Walt is out and about living out in the open with a woman known to be his grandmother. So why hasn’t anyone made this connection?

    It was a really good episode but it does get annoying that the show refuses to answer certain questions and mask that by asking 400 new ones.

  7. Ken-
    I don’t recall the psychic ever claiming Aaron was some sort of evil child…just that the only person who was supposed to raise Aaron was Claire and if she did not-bad things would happen(but it was never said Aaron would be doing bad things). He talked her into Flight 815 believing she would be unable to give the child away to anyone else and would have to raise Aaron on her own.

  8. Ken —

    Desmond hasn’t had his visions/temporal flashes since he spoke with Penny in the episode “The Constant.” Talking to her anchored him back in linear time and yes, I realize that’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…

    And wasn’t it nice to see Desmond finally reunited with Penny?

  9. Since Charlie’s death Des hasn’t had any more flashes, so maybe getting “unstuck in time” cured them.

    He also forgot he predicted that Claire would leave with Aaron in the helicopter if Charlie died. ‘Course he’s had a lot on his mind (as have the writers).

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