Music video director Jay Martin is making the leap from the screen to the page. Dark Horse Comics will publish Lost Boy, the first original graphic novel from Martin, later this year. The book is written and illustrated by Martin and lettered by Frank Cvetkovic, and follows a young boy surviving and finding his way home in the aftermath of a catastrophe.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Lost Boy:

After a deadly accident in the remote Wyoming wilderness, a young boy escapes alone. Stranded, freezing, and isolated, he struggles to stay alive as he attempts to find his way back to civilization. Along the way, through extreme tests of will, courage, and endurance, he discovers what it means to be tested, and learns the secret to survival isn’t always what you think.

In addition to directorial credits, Jay Martin has also served as the storyboard artist for a number of high-profile films, including Constantine, I Am Legend, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In a statement announcing the graphic novel, Martin described his intention in creating the book and its central character:

“In Lost Boy,” says Jay Martin, “I wanted to create a different kind of survival story. Here, the main character discovers that what has always been perceived as his greatest weakness — his compassion and sensitivity — become his salvation. He learns that, sometimes heading in the opposite direction of where we think we need to go, is what gets us home.”

The softcover Lost Boy graphic novel is due out in bookstores on Tuesday, July 25th, and in comic shops on Wednesday, July 26th.