An actual scientific study in Japan has shown that kawaii (“Cute”) is good for you brain! just looking at cute animals helps you focus, perhaps by activating some kind of protective behavior?

In the first part of the experiment, 48 college students were asked to complete a game not unlike Milton Bradley’s “Operation.” Using tweezers, they had to pluck out 14 tiny pieces from holes in the body of a “patient.” After one round of the game, half of the students looked at seven images of baby animals (considered the cute images) while the others viewed pictures of adult animals.

Then the participants tried their hand at the operation task again. The students who had just looked at the baby animal pictures were able to pluck out more of the game pieces than they had before, while the others hardly improved their performance. [Photos: World’s Cutest Baby Animals]

Left you think the effects of looking at baby duckling was only in a game of operation, a similar effect was seen when suvjects were merley recalling a list of numbers.

All of which is just a prelude to saying that whenever we post pictures of our new kittens here at The Beat, we are actually helping you achieve great things, so we will not feel any guilt whatsoever. So there.


  1. Ah! The grand unification theory! I have it! It’s so simple! ℳ=₥+e^ oooh kitties! Aren’t they cute? And someone wrote a funny caption! LOL.

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