Crunchyroll’s The God of High School premiered a just few weeks ago, but some fans are already calling it the next Dragon Ball and Naruto for its high-octane action sequences and lovable cast. The Korean manga-turned anime isn’t just riffing on Japanese media, though. In a recent clip, series creator Yongje Park reveals that the show’s President of the United States is modeled after Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man portrayal – and voiced by the Japanese Iron Man himself, the late Keiji Fujiwara.

Fans of the manga will notice that this RDJ-inspired president takes the place of Park’s original POTUS – then-president Barack Obama. So, the obvious choice for a modern take on the cameo was not to include today’s embarrassment of a commander in chief, but instead pay homage to two icons of pop culture: RDJ and Fujiwara.

god of high school robert downey jr. obama
Yongje Park’s President Barack Obama cameo, as seen in chapter 5 of the original manga.

When the MCU first stepped out of that cave with the first Iron Man suit, Fujiwara was right there, too. Since 2008’s Iron Man, he’s handled dubbing for RDJ, and has also lent his talents as Tony Stark to countless video games, animation, and more. Fans will also recognize his voice as Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Leorio in Hunter X Hunter. The actor had a legendary career but, sadly, was cut short, as Fujiwara lost his battle with cancer earlier this year at age 55, making this one of his final recordings.

Check out the clip below, and look for a full documentary on the making of God of High School to premiere on Monday, July 20 at 8 AM PT on Crunchyroll, and Crunchyroll’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t checked the show out yet, you can find our impressions of the pilot episode right here.


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