We’re sitting through the CHUCK panel right now. These TV casts are so funny and banter-y. Someone just asked if the two male leads would demonstrate a position between 68 and 70. They declined. We have never watched CHUCK and this panel will not persuade us to do so, but the actors all seem quite personable. They keep referring to the Nerd Herd…is that what we are?

Coming up next JJ Abrams will show some FRINGE footage…and maybe answer some “Star Trek” questions.

Luckily, we were able to amble right into Ballroom H on this occasion, but we’ve been hearing complaints from reporters at outlets such as Variety, the LA Times, and TV Guide about not being able to get into panels they were assigned to cover. We thought it was just us, but as we were told, “If there’s a secret password, I’d know it.”

The press list for the show numbers some 5000 outlets, so managing them is definitely no picnic, but the studios and networks that control access to their presentations may need to get a little more inclusive about certain things. Granted, press whining happens each and every year, but since it’s so clear that the entire show is now just a means to get publicity for every show on TV, with the increasing hubbub of the press scrum, perhaps it is time for a reevaluation.

In the meantime, although Tom told us not to live blog about how big the show is, with all the security and access issues, not to mention 100k people…this is bigger than the Super Bowl.


  1. Didn’t the guys from Chuck actually “attempt” to perform that number between 68 and 70 last year?

    Or is it just now that they don’t need to promote the show in that fashion, they refuse? :-)

  2. They did do that last year, so there was no need to do it again. Also, the Nerd Herd is the show’s version of Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

  3. would it be gauche to ask why, given how much there is to do out there, you are sitting through a panel about which you don’t really care?

  4. In plain terms, I was DUPED, Mark. I was led to believe the J.J. Abrams panel might have some STAR TREK footage but as Abrams explained it just wasn’t ready. Plus I’m pooped and just wanted a place to sit quietly and turn off my brain. Luckily our old DIVX pal Bruce Lidl came to keep me company so the hour was not a total waste. PLUS PLUS one of the FRINGE producers is a guy named Jeff Pinkner whom I must have worked with 20 years ago but I’ll be damned if I remember where. Very very strange.

  5. CHUCK is one of the few watchable shows on TV these days. After LOST and HEROES it is the one show I look forward to seeing.

  6. Speaking of FRINGE, I saw the pilot on preview night, and while it was watchable TV, it didn’t grab me enough to make it regular viewing. However, I don’t like LOST either, so take my opinion with that as a measurement.

  7. in Chuck, the lead character works at a best buy type retail store. he is a member of the geek squad knock-off, nerd herd.

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