Hey hey, don’t know how long my power will last, but we’re here for the only US comics awards that cartoonists RACE to get to.

Director Warren Bernard thanks volunteers and guests and remembers Alvin Buenaventura and Richard Thompson

Nate Powell: I feel SPX is my home planet. “It’s proven itself the most inclusive scene I’ve ever been a part of. And we need that because most of us send a lot of time alone….the new faces and the emerging voices cycle very quickly. in the span of a couple of years you can meet and befriend people from one side of the table to another and people come back and push ehtir work furhter and you’re gong to their table. YOU watch an entire scene turn itself over again and again.”

And Box Brown comes out to present Outstanding Story to

Noah Van Sciver for “My Hot Date” An upset! Huge crowd reaction.
Outstanding Mini Comics: Carolyn Nowak for Radishes

Gina Wybrandt is up to present and she Outstanding Anthology: Step Aside Pops by Kate Beaton
Outstanding Online Comic: Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran – she’s happy it’s the last chance she’ll have to win won before the strip ends.

Chip Mosher presents, enticingly posing with a scroll of drink tickets.

Promising New Talent goes to…Tillie Walden! least surprising win ever!

Walden is not preset but sent a little speech. “Hello everyone sorry i couldn’t be here in ends it means a lot of win an Ignatz. I hope that as I keep making comics we can all meet. Nothing matters to me more than this silly artform and i think a to of people feel this way.

Anya Davidson come up to present Outstanding Comic to Fantasy Sports #1 by Sam Bosma! Upset! Bisma gives a touching speech thanking every for the community and learning from everyone he encountered here.

This is a love fest as always. 

Outstanding Graphic Novel: Lisa Hanawalt for Hot Dog Taste Test 

“My first SPX was 10 years ago I came as a fan but I’m so greatef to be part of this community.”

Outstanding artist: Tillie Walden. 

Changing of the guard here and now to the chocolate fountain!!!