200609121135As Dirk put it, the headline says it all:
Rare Occurrence: Female Editorial Cartoonist Signs With Major Syndicate:

Lisa Benson’s editorial cartoons will be syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group (WWG) starting Oct. 16.

She’ll join a small group of female editorial cartoonists with major syndicates — including Signe Wilkinson of The Philadelphia Daily News and WPWG, Ann Telnaes of the Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate/New York Times Syndicate, and Etta Hulme of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and United Media.

Benson is a freelance artist and graphic designer who has drawn local cartoons for the Victorville, Calif., Daily Press since 1992. The newspaper’s editorial page editor, Steve Williams, touted her work to a WPWG sales rep during a recent visit.

“Lisa Benson is a rare talent who can illustrate a major news story in a single drawing and convey her ideas to readers in very few words,” said WPWG Editorial Director Alan Shearer, who described Benson’s politics as conservative.


  1. Do you know who Ann Telnaes is? I’d say she’s hands down my favorite editorial cartoonist. Her work is brilliantly funny or poignant, and it has this Disney style that nobody else pulls off. I love it: http://www.anntelnaes.com/

  2. I would lilke to know how to become a cartoonist. Right now I can only draw cartoons. How can, or where can I send them to make a contact.

    Thank you for reading this. I chose your name because I knew if anyone would answer it would be a female!


    Carol Pearce

  3. Wow, I’m sorry I clicked on the ann telnaes url! I agree Lorin, Ann’s “art” is nothing more than misguided and the messages are terrible! Any ignorant person can puke out these one sided views. Unfortunately, the art dosen’t make them any less ignorant, in fact it will make more people ignorant. Shock value nothing more, pure garbage.