Are you in the mood for something salty? Because you’re going to have to take a grain or two with this one. A story emanating from WENN, the news service that takes out of context quotes and writes news stories about them, claims that a comic about 9/11 aimed at children has outraged Muslim groups. It kind of vaguely sounds like it might be the best-selling THE 9/11 REPORT, but there’s not enough sourcing to know. Either way, it’s kind of funny:

A US children’s comic book based on the events of 9/11 has sparked outrage among religious groups, who have dubbed the cartoons “far too violent”. The comic has been created to be as true to the real-life events as possible, complete with bad language and graphic violence so children can learn what happened during the terrorist attacks. The Muslim Association Of Britain says, “This will promote ill-feeling towards Muslims – the only way we are portrayed is as terrorists. It shows physical violence as well as bad language. “Young children should not be subjected to that kind of material. The attacks on that tragic day are an important part of history. “They must not be trivialised in this way.” But the comic has the full support of officials heading the US probe into the attacks. Commission bosses THOMAS KEAN and LEE HAMILTON say, “Both of us hope these pages inspire the younger generation to learn more about the events of 9/11.”