§ If you are a friend of Bob Greenberger, you will probably want to read this.
§ Warners reacts to Heath Ledger’s death.

§ What WILL Matt Maxwell do? One very small self publisher ponders the realiies of today’s market.

Let’s be real. I’m a new publisher, with a first book and not a ton of advertising behind it in the DM. I am actually paying to have an insert put into all Diamond account invoices this week to advertise the book. Yes, you can do that. It’s pretty reasonably priced. My account rep at Diamond was able to secure a “Spotlight On” box for the PREVIEWS that S:MM solicited in (the current issue, check page 299). I’m getting the word out as best I can through my vast network of bloggers, etc. I’ve done some things to raise visibility, and I’ve passed on others (no PREVIEWS ad – it seemed like a lot of money for real estate in part of the magazine that a lot of retailers never get to)

§ Paul Gravett on Tove Jansson and two new volumes concerning her

To write fiction well for children and the child in all adults takes a variety of gifts, among them a directness and lucidity with words and emotions, and the courage to keep them clean of pretense. This becomes especially true when crafting illustrated stories, where pictures as well as words do the telling and need to enhance and complete each other within the confines of the page.

§ Jog on HOTWIRE VOL. 2