Joey Manley writes:

ComicSpace, LLC is looking for a full time PHP/MySQL guru.

You must have a plethora of knowledge, experience, talent and (most importantly) imagination. Unix/Javascript/AJAX/CSS proficiency will make our eyes bulge out of our heads. If you’re also an avid reader of comics, we’ll probably start giggling with delight.

You must live within driving distance of either Portland, Maine or Unity, Maine, or be willing to relocate to within driving distance of one of those two locations.

ComicSpace, LLC is a fully funded Web 2.0 startup, which means you should consider working for us only if you like not knowing whether you’ll still have a job in a year. Did I mention we’re fully funded?

Contact us at this email address: [email protected] — preferably this week or next!


  1. Maine was way cooler when it was part of Massachusetts.

    Then it sold out, man.

    Actually, I really like Portland. And really, you can’t knock a state that has more beers than people.

  2. Portland, Maine has a very active arts community and is very supportive of comics. I should know, I have had my stores in the Portland area for over 20 years and could not imagine doing this anywhere else. There are some amazing local ‘zines that are published here. When we host 24 Hour Comics Day each year we routinely have 30-40 participants. I invite anyone to visit our fair city (although I will admit it is chilly right now).

    Rick Lowell
    Casablanca Comics
    Portland, ME

  3. I’ve been here less than one week, and have already driven by three different comic book stores, and one standalone anime shop. That’s pretty impressive for a town of around 70,000 people. Seems to be very comics-oriented up here. Once I’ve actually found my apartment, and leased our office space, I might actually have time to shop in one of those stores! Or all of them!

  4. Yikes!!! What happened to ComicSpace? It looks like it’s off the internet.

    I get this message when I go to the site. —

    “Table ‘users’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”