Joe Illidge looks at HEROES and wonders about the racial message the program is sending.

Busy, busy Mike Catron has video from the opening of the “Masters of american Comics” exhibit at the Jewish Museum. (Top link.)

Kyle Baker has a blog.

This blog covering bookplates looks at the bookplates of cartoonists. We know that doesn’t make much sense. Click on the ink and you’ll see what we mean.

200609180338James McAvoy talks about his upcoming role in WANTED the film based on the mark Millar/JG Jones comic:

“I’ve heard of the comic, I hadn’t read it,” he said to us. “It’s a Glaswegian writer [Mark Millar] that did the book. I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan, though I never got around to reading it. The thing that really turned me on and got me really excited first of all was Timur the director, ’cause I’d seen ‘Night Watch’ and shortly after, I saw ‘Day Watch.’ I was blown away by the first one and then even more blown away by ‘Day Watch.’ I’m such a sci-fi nut, and it’s kind of wish fullfillment to play that kind of part, but I’m not going to try to get all buff for it. I’m going to try to make him a real guy. I know that’s not revolutionary and that’s been done before in this realm, but it’s not done all the time.”

“It’s difficult because the character has been based so obviously, at least visually on Eminem, I feel like I need to get away from that, because I feel that’s something I’ll never achieve,” he confessed.