Asl-Alex-Spirit-Pg.1FAlex Saviuk/Will Eisner Escapist pages, pulled due to a permissions issue, are now back online:

Thirty years later, when Eisner agreed to contribute a story to Michael Chabon’s Dark Horse comic book, “The Escapist,” he asked Saviuk to help him with some of the finer detail. The story, in which Eisner’s Spirit meets the Escapist, became Eisner’s final work; he literally sent off the pages in December 2004 before he went to the hospital complaining of chest pains and difficulty breathing.

Comic Foundry VideoBlog#2 at Rocketship, atch this and The Beat‘s and make your own Rashomon!

The Brill Building has a stylish new design! We love it!

“At the end of the day” most common media cliche. We used it just yesterday…shame.