StreetmagikcoverDynamite Entertainment is known for its licensed books, like RED SONJA and ARMY OF DARKNESS and HIGHLANDER and so on, but a recent press release for an OGN called STREET MAGIK by Luke Lieberman, Kevin McCarthy and Rodney Buchemi caught our eye. DE previously put out Jim Starlin’s KID KOSMOS, but is this something they are moving into?

When asked, a Dynamite representative stated “Dynamite is always to willing to publish the right story, in the right format. For some, that’s a monthly book, like Red Sonja, new Battlestar Galactica, Army of Darkness and for others, it’s a “graphic novelâ€? such as Street Magik or Kid Kosmos. With Street Magik, the story works bets in one sitting as Luke wrote it as a screenplay, and while we could have broken it up and published monthly, the full impact is best read in one volume of great storytelling.”

Okee doke. PR in the jump.

Last “seen” co-writing the pages of the smash RED SONJA VS. THULSA DOOM cross-over from DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, writer Luke Lieberman is back this October with his first Original Graphic Novel – STREET MAGIK!

“When we first started speaking with Luke about the SONJA/DOOM series, and he mentioned this story idea that he had,â€? explained DYNAMITE SPOKESPERSON J. ALLEN. “And STREET MAGIK was born. Luke is a gifted and unique writer, with extensive credentials in the creative arts and STREET MAGIK is a great chance for the fans to see another side of Luke, and of DYNAMITE!â€?

“This is one of those stories I have had bouncing around in my head for years,â€? Lieberman explained. “It means a lot to me to see it come to life like this.”

Teaming with Luke Lieberman to bring Street Magik to life is writer and artist Kevin (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Transient) McCarthy who helped adapt the script for the graphic novel.

The OGN is available for pre-order now for your local retailer and scheduled to ship in September.

Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the first Original Graphic Novel from filmmaker/writer Luke (“Red Sonja/Thulsa Doomâ€?) Lieberman with Kevin McCarthy and art by Rodney Buchemi!

New York is a place of magik; not the fairy tale kind, but hard magik, dangerous magik – Street Magik. Yet the City dwellers live, work, play unaware of the sorcery everywhere hidden in the shadows. Jake Conner is about to discover the danger, and the Magik!

Featuring a foreword by the legendary Stan “The Manâ€? Lee