Yes we’re all attempting to adjust to life in this new, crazy, Disney-owning-Lucasfilm landscape, but let’s return to comics for just a little bit, okay? Because DC have announced that that artist/creator Dustin Nguyen’s Lil Gotham series will be released as a series of digital-first stories starting today.

Each story will be based around a different holiday, which means today will be a Halloween story – with future installments due for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and beyond. Derek Fridolfs will co-write the stories with Nguyen.

Let’s look at the art!

I’ve buried the lead somewhat here, as I’m sure most eyes are now darting towards a certain blonde over in the top corner. Yes, Stephanie Brown will appear in the stories, alongside what looks like every other Batman assistant in history and.. uh… Klarion the Witch Boy. You can discern some of the stories already, based on the art – it looks like Mad Hatter will show up for Thanksgiving, Mr Freeze at Christmas, Riddler for St Patrick’s Day and so on.

There are also a lot of geese. Are geese part of a well-known holiday tradition?

Fridolfs explains the stories thus:

At times in various platforms, Batman has been extremely dark and taken very seriously. So respectfully, we’re going in the opposite direction and having a bit of whimsical fun with a whole city of characters beloved by fans and especially ourselves.

Yes, Derek Fridolfs. Yes, yes, yes. Issue #1 is available on ComiXology.


  1. I wish I knew – nobody’s got any information, and not even DC’s website says where it’s being released

    For the time being, I assume this is ComiXology — but I WILL update the post once I find out the full details.

  2. There’s six geese a laying in the 12 Days of Christmas. It appears geese are also a part of the Salvation Army’s Christmas tradition.

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