Not one, but two videos have popped up with George Lucas talking about sending his intellectual properties and sundry companies over to Disney.

First, from the Lucasfilm side of the street.

And then from the Disney side of the street:

Lucas is talking about 1) finding a home for his creations and 2) getting ready to do other things in his retirement.  The odd thing is, when he talks about what to with Star Wars, it sounds a lot more like estate planning than retirement planning.  Then again, Star Wars is probably bigger than Lucas and with all that Disney stock he picked up in the sale, it’s not like he won’t still have input on Disney’s business matters going forward if that’s what he wants.


  1. Yes it was destroyed at the end of the Doctor doom / Darth Vader Masterplan 12-issue event crossover that many geeks have had wet dreams about for years ;)

  2. First Disney bought The Muppets, then Marvel, now Star Wars, Indy AND Willow! Zowie!!
    But, hey, JAXXON the Lepi smuggler (a humanoid talking green rabbit) and Amaiza Foxtrain his fellow smuggler (although I don’t know how she could smuggle anything in THAT outfit) will now be part of Star Wars “cannon”! If Rocket Raccoon can be put in movies why not Jaxxon?

  3. Ya know…there’s a very interesting historical thread of Disney involvement in the comics medium and if you ever visit the Geppi Museum in Baltimore. There is the one room where the comics collection runs throughout the decades and you can see where Disney rides the tide-almost like the stock market.
    Ever since Robert Iger pulled off the Marvel event, I’ve been wondering when Disney was going to start a serious kids comics program. Something tells me it’s coming soon. We’ll probably hear more news within the next few months.
    For those of you who will bemoan the future of comics I’d say that it presents an even greater opportunity.

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