In case you were wondering, there WILL be other DC books besides The 52 in our future. For instance, ,
frequent Grant Morrison collaborator Frazer Irving, tweeted:

For all interested parties, I do have a post-relaunch DC gig but it’s a secret at the mo :) And Gutsville still needs finishing…

Yes to GUTSVILLE finishing! This Simon Spurrier-written book about people living inside a giant whale remains one of those perennial must-finish books. Issue 3 — of 6 — came out a few years ago.


  1. Looks like DC is saving their last 4 or so titles (the Superman books) as official announcements for their original “big announcement” on June 11th that they had planned (before Bleeding Cool stole all their thunder?) Or did I miss it. Haven’t seen anything today (I know some of the Superman stuff leaked covers, but nothing official has been announced.)

  2. That’s great news. The way Si Spurrier talked about Gutsville in the past, I thought for sure we’d never see it again.