200705110113Did you ever want to be a Japanese schoolgirl? Well now you can in a new RPG called Panty Explosion!

In Atarashi Games’ Panty Explosion ($20) players take on the roles of psychic Japanese schoolgirls and battle nightmarish demons, ghosts, government agents and even each other. Like the typical “magical girl” manga or anime, Panty Explosion mixes the mundane and the macabre, the petty trials and tribulations of high school life and the life or death struggle against supernatural monsters. The rules encourage teamwork and creativity while focusing on friendship and storytelling. Anime and manga fans with an interest in immersive role-playing will be able to bring the experiences they have gained watching and reading their favorite magical girl sagas to this game.

Atarashi’s second gave is called Classroom Death Match, and ICv2 reports they also have a yaoi RPG in the works. You can go here and download a DEMO of Panty Explosion, which seemingly contains magic and monsters instead of crying in the bathroom, worries over monthly bloat, and shopping for knee high white socks.

You can also sing “Let’s play Panty Explosion” to the tune of “Master and Servant” by DMode!


  1. once again, the pervy asian gamers come out….

    if i ever play that game (which I will not) there better be a reason for that name!!

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