by Pam Auditore

In a surprise, unscheduled panel,  Sunday Afternoon at Long Beach Comic Con, the charmingly British Richard Starkings, comics letter and writer, held forth on creation of his company Comic Craft–which creates specialized fonts for comics—and on his 60 issues of his noirish- Blade Runner inspired trans-genetic sci-fi comic “Elephantmen,” published by Image Comics.  Starking’s moderator also brought up: “The Elephantmen Movie.”

“Elephantmen” was optioned four years ago by the Zucker Production Company, since then Starkings has been working  with producer Janet Zucker  to mold “Elephantmen” into a film. Signs of forward momentum on the project comes by-way of  Starking’s mentioning  the possibility of  “Avatar’s” art director ” (Neil Huxley) being attached to project and discussions with WETA and  “the foremost image capture studio taking place.”



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