Popular editor Lauren Sankovitch is leaving Marvel today. Among her titles: Thor: God of Thunder, Young Avengers, and the new Loki book. Sankovitch is heading to the West Coast to pursue still hush hush opportunities.

Sankovitch will be missed for many things, particularly her karaoke duets on various numbers from The Lion King with James Tynion IV. Hopefully there will be NYCC or SDCC reunions.


  1. Thor: GOT and Young Avengers are golden. If she had anything to do with the quality of those titles, this is a huge loss for Marvel.

  2. (I had to look up ‘ankles’ in the urban dictionary – I don’t think I found the meaning meant here…)

    Ankle as a verb, meaning leave, is a conventional definition in American English.


  3. “ankles” certainly can have a different meaning. As in “grab your ankles” I thought this article was about how she screwed over Marvel.

  4. Which part of America are you talking about, Synsider? Either it’s regional from somewhere i’ve never been or it’s a relatively new term from “those kids today”.

  5. It’s common in that huge swath of America that writes for Variety (or wishes they wrote for Variety) or reads Variety. Not really “a conventional definition”.

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