Watchmen, HBO’s sequel to the acclaimed comic by Alan MooreDave Gibbons, and John Higgins, is finally premiering next month. In anticipation, HBO has released the show’s official trailer which you can check out below.

There’s a lot more to chew on in this trailer, which gives us our first look at Tim Blake Nelson’s character, as well as some new plot details.

Much like the featurette HBO released a few days ago, this trailer dives into what it takes to wear a mask and why people do so in the first place. It almost goes beyond having to protect people or themselves, and is more about hiding trauma and pain. A mask gives some living with trauma and injustice the power to dole out justice, Jean Smart’s Laurie Blake tells Regina King’s Angela Abar in the above trailer.

The trailer also shines a light on the relationship between some of the characters, particular between Abar and Don Johnson’s Chief Judd Crawford, which seems to be a pretty comfortable one with some history between the two. Abar goes so far as to tell Crawford that she has a man in her trunk, to which Crawford cheekily responds to. Crawford is likely aware of Abar’s secret identity, which suggests that the show’s world is starting to be more comfortable with heroes running around in masks again.

Nelson plays a character called Looking Glass, who makes a few appearances in the trailer, both in and out of the mask. He seems to be working directly with Abar and Crawford, since Looking Glass is questioning the man from Abar’s trunk.

At the end of the trailer, a costumed Angela Abar watches in astoundment as Nite Owl’s ship, the Archimedes, comes crashing down in a field.

HBO’s Watchmen premieres next month, on October 20.