While laid up with medical issues that preclude him doing serious writing, Kurt Busiek has set up a Formspring account, and, as you could extrapolate from reading his calm, well-reasoned* answers here at The Beat, there’s lots of info:

Q: who was your experience like working on wonder woman? People say it’s a hard character to get a handle on because there really is no core to fall back on like Batman or Superman. Would you like to try an extended run with her?

A: I’d like to work on my own stuff for now, but I had fun working with the character whenever I got to write her, and have never had trouble getting a handle on her. I think she’s got plenty of core. Were I to do an extended run on a character I didn’t own again, and I had the right kind of artist and the editorial freedom to do it my way instead of someone else’s, then sure, it’d be a blast.

And if you’re wondering who “the right kind of artist” would be, well, imagine someone who can draw a kick-ass THOR run, with all that mythic majesty and action and monsters and such. Plus good character acting. Bam.

More on Supergirl, Astro City (it has been delayed by his medical issues,) and so on.

*Note, usually when we use the phrase “calm, well-reasoned” it is in the sarcastic sense. Not here.


  1. “Preclude him doing serious writing”?! Wow, I wish I could collect and express my thoughts as clearly as he does, meds or not. I hope his health issues are resolved and he’s able to ditch the medications that are holding him back. Look out!

  2. Glad to see this. Been thinking about Mr Busiek alot lately, thanks to re-reading the magic that is Astro City. Get well soon.