Kodansha has four new digital titles coming our way in May. They’ll be available on a number of platforms and apps including the ever-popular Comixology, Kindle, Google Play, Bookwalker, Nook and izneo. Let’s take a look, okay?


With the Sheikh in His Harem
By Rin Miasa

Sanagi loves nothing more than money—not even love. After all, it’s what keeps her small family going. But when a chance encounter with a stranger leads her to push away his offer of riches, she wonders if she’s gone crazy…and starts to believe she really has when he reveals that he’s a Sheikh, and proposes to her! She rejects him, but soon finds out that a marriage with him might be the only way to keep her family safe…!

This shojo romantic comedy debuted in Nakayoshi (home of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura and Hell Girl) magazine in August 2018 and ran for 9 chapters. Did you know Nakayoshi has been around since 1954? I sure didn’t before today, but that means this comic book is as old as Godzilla. Imagine that!


The Springtime of My Life Began with You   
By Nikki Asada

Suehiro is a quiet girl, who prefers the excitement of her books to the real-life anxieties of friends. She’d been perfectly happy in her own little world until ultra-popular guy Takasago asked her out as part of a punishment game right in front of the class, bringing Suehiro front and center. Mortified, she tries everything to get away…but he persists, and insists he’s serious! How will she deal with such an interruption to her previously quiet life?

What a sweet title. This is another “shy bookish girl meets popular guy” story. Suehiro just wants to read her book in peace and to be left alone. But if that happened we might have a soothing, calm story but it would be pretty short. Instead this one’s still running in Dessert magazine with 16 chapters so far. Very pretty characters and dreamy screen tones abound.



Tsukasa, whose dreams were crushed. Inori, left to fend for herself. These two share a dream…and their tenacity may be the only thing that sees them through. Their destination? The ice…on the world’s stage!

An ice skating pairs seinen serial running since May 2020 in Monthly Afternoon magazine. This manga features some surprisingly action-packed art with a lot of dynamic effects. Of course motion and speed lines, but also some very fun expressions of extreme emotional states.


Back When You Called Us Devils 
By Takashi Sano

Yusuke Saito is a normal high school kid…well, normal enough, though there’s six months missing out of his memory. But when he starts to get confronted by people who insist they’re from his past, who allege that he did horrible things to them…suddenly Yusuke realizes that those missing six months may be crucial to remember. Otherwise, the skeletons in his closet may just make him a skeleton, too…

You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking Yusuke should go to Rekall and see if they can’t jog some memories loose for him with a trip to Mars. Of course he might not like what he finds there. While I’m pretty sure that’s not what he does this manga has an intriguing premise in its own right. Missing time? A previous, possibly horrific personality you know nothing about? I may not be going to Mars, either, but I’m going to check this manga out to find out what Yusuke did and where those six months went. Maybe you should, too.

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