200708201212Long thought an endangered species, Klingons have been spotted lately in Texas, giving hope that this rare and beautiful species may still make a comeback from the brink of extinction.

When the Klingons walk into the Krispy Kreme on Cooper Street in Arlington, the doughnut makers try not to gawk. The 10 or so officers of the Imperial Klingon Vessel, Melota, have long hair and ridged foreheads. They wear elaborate leather and metal armor.

Mark ‘Qel’ogh-wI’ Alcala, captain of the IKV Melota, got Pat Burke’s help getting ready for the recent Klingon Ball, which raised $600 for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. Everyone in the room is curious what the Star Trek characters are doing here. They are eating doughnuts and drinking milk.


  1. Bentcorner….if we are a little on the plump side, it is from feasting on the likes of soft Feddies and romulans that are so full of themselves….much like some pvc clad guys I’ve heard about….lol

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