200708201155Tim Leong writes to tell us that Comic Foundry, the controversial magazine about comics will be out this week, earlier than planned.

I wanted to let you know that Comic Foundry, the new magazine about comics, will be in stores THIS WEEK!

Though we originally expected a Sept. 5th release date, we just found out the mag is debuting early — which is great because the wait is finally over. It’s been a long and arduous journey so I’m excited to get it on stands.

Comic Foundry is different because it is as diverse as the people who read comics. Although Wizard and The Comics Journal address the two very opposite ends of fandom, no one is speaking to the wide and growing number of fans who find themselves somewhere in between. Comic Foundry was created to do exactly that, defying traditional stereotypes about comic book fans with a smart, stylish package designed to draw readers of every strip into the fold. Comic Foundry will begin publishing quarterly in 2008, with our next issue in the Spring.

I hope you and your readers enjoy the first issue!


  1. I dunno. With that cover photo, and those captions — “Sex and Comics”, “Kubert Vs Kubert” and “The Manga Revolution” — it looks like its aiming to be the MAXIM of comics fandom. Good luck.

  2. I’ll pick it up to flip through it at my LCS. If it is “maxim-like”, it’s not for me then. If it is honest comic journalism (investigative articles exposing myths and rumors of the industry) then it’s up my alley.

    Basically, “real & gritty” is what I’m looking for, not glossy “vacant” articles.

    I wish them the best with their endeavor.

  3. I wish them luck. I’ll take a look at the first issue. I saw their little preview at MOCCA which seemed to just have the fluffy bits. I don’t mind the fluffy bits as long as it’s balanced with something more substantive. I would pay money for a magazine that’s Wizard With Brains, or a Comics Journal Without Smugness. And at least they’re sexing it up with photos of real women, instead of T&A drawings of fictional women.

  4. I’ll have to see the whole thing, but not so enthusiastic about that cover.
    Then again, it should really stand out in the average comics shop. Anyone know what kind of initial orders this mag got? There’s no question I’ll have to get a copy mail order where I live.
    If any shops out there actually ordered 3 or 4 shelf copies, I’d love to know how it tracks after a few weeks of shelf time.

  5. Geez people, it says SEX once on the cover: and the byline is “What your comics say about you,” so I’m pretty sure it’s not just a bunch of Emma Frost pinups. And it’s not like the cover model is wearing a bikini. This is a pretty far cry from Maxim-looking.

    I’m pretty excited about this mag, because they’re right about the audience. It would be nice to have something in the middle.

  6. I picked up a copy at San Diego and found it to be a bit of fun. It’s certainly not MAXIM-like. If I had to liken it to anything, it would be the old SPY magazine: irreverent and a bit smart-alecky, but with an underlying affection for their subject. I don’t know if that makes it “Wizard With Brains” or “Comics Journal Without Smugness,” but I think the magazine’s definitely got potential. It’s got some problems, too (for instance, it’s entirely black & white, and so much of its content would be better served by full-color if they can ever afford to make the switch) but Comic Foundry is certainly worth judging on more than its cover.

  7. One should also note that you can still see its original online version to get an idea of what it’ll be like. I assume the print magazine will follow the online model in terms of content.

  8. The word, “sex’ is mentioned only once, so what’s with the mirage “sex” that you folks are posting? Are we all so brainwashed by the packaging – which mimics so many other sex-crazed rags?

    I think it’s fine – especially coming right out the gate they need to look different, and yet look open to new readers.

    Also, thumbs up for pictures of real people and not huge muscle / T&A comic art.
    I think they’re treading a fine line, splitting hairs and all that. I’ll give them a chance. I say the more bridges to expand the medium the better.

  9. It looks just like a comics version of Blender. Especially the yellow ‘tape’ reverses and that font. If it has the same attitude as Blender then no bad thing.
    Wizard has a good sense of humour but is way too beholden to ‘those two’.
    This looks different. By managing a cover that isnt just Wolverine/Cap America/Batman art OR an actor as a comic character deserve some recognition.
    Hope it works.

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