Will the saga of Spider-Man The Musical ever end—or at least break even?? A piece on how a proposed King Kong musical is eyeing Spider-Man’s theater reveals some of the numbers behind Spidey’s fabled, tangled past. Lawsuits have been settled and injuries abated—the show even set a record for the biggest one-week take ever on Broadway. The show averages $1.5 million a week in ticket sales—but costs $1 million a week to mount. And given the $75 million the show ran up in its fabled birth pangs, it is still five to seven years from making a profit.

Ouch. But producers remain upbeat:

“I would say I’m much more optimistic now about the future of ticket sales than I was in August and September,” Mr. Cohl said, referring to the traditional period when many Broadway shows experience a box office slump. “I think ‘Spider-Man’ will be on Broadway at the Foxwoods for a good long while.”

The Foxwoods theater, where Spider-Man is staged, is one of the few with the enormous backstage capable of handling a a show like King Kong, thus the possible encroachment.