201110250216.jpgWhile many are still recovering from the Con Crud they picked up at the marathon New York Comic Con, the New York convention season is far from over. Two more shows were planned the the remainder of the year: King Con and the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

However, King Con, which was planned for November 3-6, has been postponed, according to a statement on their website.

In an age where even Spiderman has a hard time keeping on schedule, after consulting our own divining rods, we have opted to postpone King Con III. King Con I and II were enjoyable successes pulled out from many long hours and hard fought compromises in the independent comic world, and while we were looking forward to a third year to run even smoother, by trying to keep to the same principles of independent fortitude, we hit some unfortunate speed bumps that would have sullied the experience and choose to postpone in order to ensure a great Con in the spirit of all we have worked for.
The statement goes on to mention some problems which led to “critical derision”, but the show remains committed to coming back at some point, in a more varied configuration, including “respected mainstream comic entities, local Brooklyn artists, emerging wet-behind-the-ears illustrators/animators and comic talent from beyond the immediate environs of New York City” which will still reflect the vibrancy of the Brooklyn neighborhood .

The revamped con will aim to reach a broader audience and encompass elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Popular Culture, while still offering significant exposure to the Brooklyn comic artist base

In the interim, comics-themed programming may be held at the Brooklyn Lyceum, the venue for the show in both of its previous incarnations.

Last year’s show had mixed reviews, but most people seemed to have some fun time at a small, laid back show. This year’s event seems to have been fairly far along in planning, with even a poster completed by Bobby Timony. As noted in our report linked to above, events can only be held in the Lyceum in spring or fall because it has no heating or cooling. The fall schedule is pretty crowded right now with NYCC sucking the wind out of the room until the completely opposite BCGF in December. Hopefully King Con will find a slot that allows its charms to shine.