The tabletop roleplay game at the center of Kieron Gillen’s and Stephanie Hans’ Die series from Image Comics is nearing completion, if Gillen’s Twitter is anything to go by. However, hopeful players shouldn’t expect to encounter a very key spoiler for the comics – Gillen is keeping Sol’s arc tightly under wraps ahead of the Die, Vol. 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker trade paperback release on June 5.

In a tweet posted on Monday, Gillen shared a screenshot of the TTRPG manual, joking about the typos it contains. The actual excerpt reads, “Wait — is this what’s going on with Sol in the comic?” And then, “Do you think I’d spoil the comic a handful of pages into a free set of RPG rules? I’m theh [sic] sort of foolish that decides writing a 70,000 [word] RPG ruleset is a good idea, not the sort of foolish who’d do that. Or maybe this is all a double-bluff. Hobbits aren’t half as sneaksie as writers.”
Although we don’t know the context of this excerpt, it’s safe to assume that the Grandmaster will play an integral role in the Die roleplay game. Although he rarely appears on-page in the comics, he is literally the architect of its setting. Without him, everything falls apart — or does it?
At Emerald City Comic Con, Gillen revealed that the full game will be available for download alongside the first trade, which means fans can play in just a few weeks. Since the series first debuted last December and the staff at Polygon shared information about their beta-play of the TTRPG, we’ve been eager to get our hands on the rulebook.
Gillen also keeps teasing it on his social media, which of course amps up the excitement.

Die follows a group of forty-something friends who are sucked back into the fantasy world created by their friend Sol, who has lived in that world for several decades as the Grandmaster. His friends barely survived their first foray into this world and the second trip, so far, hasn’t been any easier. The first trade paperback collects issues #1-5.
Following the TPB release on June 5, Die will begin a new arc starting with issue #6, which has yet to be solicited. However, Hans did share new artwork from the issue in April.

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