Stephanie Hans DieStephanie Hans and Kieron Gillen have a full-fledged hit with their new creator-owned comic, Die.
The comic, a dark take on our current wave of ’80s RPG nostalgia, has regularly sold out and gone to second printings. There have to date been five issues of Die, or one full story arc. The first collected volume of Die is due out June 5. Within its pages will be preview artwork from Die #6, which is yet to be solicited. Gillen and Hans, however, recently shared some of the preview pages with Forbes. You can find them below.
But first! Stephanie Hans had this to say to Forbes about the work, her first full interiors for an ongoing comic:

You could certainly call me a late bloomer, since this is my first ongoing after almost a decade of comic covers and occasional one-shots as an interior artist. I have been stalling, waiting for the right moment. As an artist, you always hope for a project like DIE, where you can draw what you enjoy the most, put all your heart in, and still get the love and understanding from the readers. You hope but never really expect it, because what are the odds, really? This book is all that, plus the immense chance to work with people I chose, respect and genuinely like. And really I didn’t expect such awesome feedback. But I did hope for it dearly.

And now the preview pages…
Stephanie Hans Die Preview
Stephanie Hans Die Preview 2


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