By Steve Morris

A new Marvel Now teaser has announced that writer Kieron Gillen and artist Greg Land are going to be working together on a project called ‘Invincible’. Which, this will either be an Iron Man series or something for Robert Kirkman to merrily sue out of existence. Most likely the former.

Rumours have surrounded this project for a few months now, which makes it strange that Marvel are announcing it now, in a random week, and not at SDCC. This does seem almost certainly to be an Iron Man tease, given Matt Fraction’s previous ‘Invincible Iron Man’ series, which wraps up later this year. Also, there’s the metal font which gives things away. And the fact we all know Marvel aren’t going to cancel Iron Man. So those are the reasons why this is an Iron Man series, then.

There’s not really much to say about this, I guess. Shame Steven Sanders isn’t drawing it?


  1. Art-wise, I’m neutral on this, but writer-wise? I’m so there. I’ve been extremely impressed by all the Kieron Gillen comics I’ve gotten a chance to read and I can hardly wait to see what he does with Iron Man.

  2. I don’t care that Greg Land gets work, but why do they keep wasting such good writers on him? Stick him with Jeph Loeb or Daniel Way or something.

  3. One of the industries best writers working with one of the worlds worst hacks.

    You really have no clue, do you Marvel?

    Leave Land on Uncanny where he is “appreciated” and give us Gillen fans a break.

  4. Greg Land is probably the best example of why I buy so few comics anymore. The fact that Marvel ever gave him work means they obviously want to prosduce comics I am not interested in buying.

  5. I like Gillen, and it would be cool to jump on to a new Iron Man series, but i won’t support a Greg Land book. There are plenty of other great options to spend that money on.

  6. I would normally be all over a Kieron Gillen project (every issue of Journey into Mystery) but absolutely no f_cking way am I buying anything by Greg Land.

    Kieron made Uncanny X-Men interesting to me (never cared for the title in my 20+ years of collecting) but then the Land art appeared and I dropped the book.

    I admit the art is not for everyone but is it for anyone?

  7. That headline was about to make me go into fanboy-rage mode. “Greg Land tracing for Invincible? Robert Kirkman must have lost his mind!”

    Upon reading that it’s only for Iron Man.. Meh. Fanboy-rage averted.

  8. Rumours? Where might I have read such rumours?

    Either way, I really enjoyed Greg’s work on the more recent run on Uncanny. The Namor/underwater queen kiss being a high point.

  9. I’m confused. This was announced weeks ago and with cover art as well. I’m confused as to what people call an “announcement” in the comic book industry

  10. I was hoping this WAS for Kirkman’s Invincible book. :-(

    That book has been on a slow decline for months, Kirkman obviously focusing his energies on TWD.

    The most recent Invincible issue was one of the biggest POS I’ve ever read. The main character spends the issue w/a broken arm, on the couch, whining, watching the big battle on tv while awful secondary characters get the spotlight?!? WTF…

    It couldn’t hurt getting a new creative team on it, w/RK co-writing it…

  11. Is it just me, or does the font have a very vague Asgardian feel? I think I’m just imagining it because I wanted to see more of the Uru armor.

    Also, while I’m pulling theories out of my behind, the lack of the words Iron Man gives me visions of Tony dropping the suit by integrating the tech into a new, tumor-free body he had grown and transferred his consciousness into, kind of like Extremis only written in a movie-friendly not-as-dark way, and without a suit. He’ll look just like Doctor Strange, only using sufficiently advanced technoogy that’s indistinguishable from magic. Then he and Strange can become the next Power Man and Iron Fist! But while wearing expensive tailored suits.