Here’s your chance to fund Jim Calafiore’s solo project and write or draw a horror story for Alice Cooper. There’s even something for the comic book-golfers in this one.

crooks 1

Calafiore is trying to raise $12,000 to print vol.1 tpb of CROOKS & NANNIES. For the last two years Jim has been posting these hilarious weekly strips on his website. One of the big selling points for LEAVING MEGALOPOIS was Calafiore’s limited sketch rewards. You’re in luck if you missed out last time because original pen and inks character sketches are only going for $50-$150. The backers are asked to vote from three possible covers after they have pledge. I think this is a great way to get your supporter more involve with the process.

crooks 2

At the moment the project is only less then $2,000 left to goal. Jim told me about this project at New York con and I’m glad he has finally followed through with a well thought out project and bat-shit crazy project video to boot. During the promo video Jim gives a moving speech about the power and importance of Kickstarter to independent comic book creators while a man stands behind him, holding a spatula and basketball, and wearing a white meth-cooker-jumpsuit and a welding mask. If that doesn’t give you day-mares then fast-forward to minute 2:13 and check out Jimmy topless and a scuba mask.

If you’re on the fence about contributing because you haven’t released your copy of LEAVING MEGALOPOLOIS, then this might change your mind:

TO MEGALOPOLIS BACKERS:  No worries. These strips are already all done, so this project will take almost no time away from work on that project.


b073a16fa8b105eb3da59ca9f975ae26_largeGrammy Award-winning rocker Alice Cooper is still  making music, touring the world and performing at his old age. He DJ’s from Sunday to Thursdays on a syndicated radio show called, “Nights with Alice Cooper.” He also owns a famous bar/restaurant that’s connected to Chase Stadium in the heart of down town Phoenix called Alice Cooperstown. Now he wants to break in to comics and start a television show called Uncle Alice Presents.


This is not some hoary tribute to EC Comics. Sure, it’s a comic book anthology horror series, graphic novel, and, if you demand it, a television series, but all comparisons end there. Unlike your mommy’s quaint horror comics of yore, UNCLE ALICE PRESENTS is the one and only horror series brought to you by and featuring the visionary maestro of shock rock himself, ALICE COOPER. That’s right, Alice freakin’ Cooper!

Created by Tom Sheppard (co-creator of and show runner for The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange), join us on this epic adventure to publish all twelve comic book issues of UNCLE ALICE PRESENTS, along with the compilation graphic novel, and hopefully the television pilot. We’ll even let one lucky backer come up with the idea for one of the comic books!


Joining a Kickstarter anthology has been a good way to get up-and-comers to get their feet wet. It’s also a good way to get content from lesser known creators on the cheap. Here’s where you die-hard Alice Cooper fans/professional cartoonist come in to play:


Every backer who pledges $10 or more will have the opportunity to submit one idea for the chance to have it turned into an issue of UNCLE ALICE. The story must be tellable in a 24-page comic book, be fun, and fit with the theme of the series. Once a pledge has been made, the concept can be submitted to [email protected]. Please make sure your submissions are in accordance with the rules.

All ideas must be submitted by the end of the campaign, at which point the creative team will pick ten finalists. From May 15th to 25th, each backer will be able to cast a single vote for their favorite of the top ten stories. The winning concept will be turned into an issue of the comic, written by Tom Sheppard, and the winner will receive a co-story credit on that issue.


Alice Cooper Trivia: not only is he a right-winger that simulates decapitation on stage, he’s a big time golfer. This has to be one of the best rewards in Kickstarter history. Pledge $10,000 and play round of golf with Uncle Alice himself — at a Phoenix course of his choice — and get a signed copy of his book Golf Monster. The project has less than 17 days to raise $174,689, but of course anything is possible with crowd funding.

On the next Kick-Watcher: I’m going to highlight Jason Coffee’s Warhawks and whatever you think is worth mentioning. Tweet me your projects or send a link to kick (dot) watcher at gmail (dot) com and include a press release and links. I also accept bags of cash.

Henry Barajas is the co-creator, writer and letterer for El Loco and Captain Unikorn a weekly webcomic. He has also written and lettered short stories for two successful Kickstarter SpazDog Press projects: Unite and Take Over: Stories inspired by The Smiths and Break The Walls: Comic Stories inspired by The Pixies.  He is the Newsroom Research Assistant for The Arizona Daily Star and was nominated for the Shel Dorf Blogger of the Year award for his work at The Beat.  You can follow him on Twitter @HenryBarajas.