Dynamite is set to release Alice Cooper #1 this October with writer Rodney Barnes leading the book. The new series features artist Edu Menna, who is known for his work on KISS, Barbarella, and Starfinder. 

In this tale, the legendary rocker is up against the demonic forces of evil that are invading everything, including his own fanbase. 

Barnes, writer/producer of The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, and Winning Time: The Story of the Los Angeles Lakers, chatted with The Beat ahead of the comic’s debut this fall.

Alice Cooper

Deanna Destito: Were you an Alice Cooper fan before taking on this book?
Rodney Barnes: I was! Loved the music and the horror-themed style. Alice hit my radar at just the right time to become a fixture in my music consumption. 
Destito: Why is a persona like Cooper such a perfect protagonist for the comic world?
Barnes: His larger-than-life persona! There are so many themes in his music and presentation that fit perfectly in the world of comics.
Alice Cooper
Destito: What inspired this particular tale?
Barnes: Merging the worlds of music and genre. Having Alice face Satan musically felt fun to me. Truly hoping the fans enjoy the journey as well.
Destito: Do you approach writing characters based on real people differently than those who are completely fictional?
Barnes: I try to incorporate aspects of the real person into the fantasy creation then go from there. With Alice, it was easy because of Neil Gaiman’s great work in establishing a fantasy world prior to me jumping in.
Alice Cooper
Destito: How has it been working with Dynamite and this creative team?
Barnes: It’s been great! I’ve done Army of Darkness 1979 and James Bond: Himeros so it’s like working with family.
Alice Cooper
Destito: For readers who may not know anything about Alice Cooper or who may be hesitant to pick up a music/horror genre book. why is this comic something they may like?
Barnes: One word: Fun. There’s comedy, action, and horror themes that don’t take themselves too seriously. So it’s a great jumping-on-point for fans of either genre.
Alice Cooper #1 is slated to release on October 4, 2023. 


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