A Kickstarter campaign for a new Darkwing Duck graphic novel collection, teased by Dynamite in May 2024, has launched.

The Kickstarter will make three volumes of the graphic novels available, each coming in either paperback, hardcover, a signed hardcover by Tad Stones, or a remarqued premier oversized edition, the latter of which only has 500 copies. The remarqued edition will include an original art remarqued Darkwing Duck sketch by Ken Haeser that will be signed and numbered with matching mintage numbers.

The first volume, titled Darkly Dawns the Duck, collects the Darkwing Duck four-issue 1991 series from Walt Disney Productions and the stories originally published by Marvel Comics presented in Disney Afternoon #1-10 in 1994. 

The second volume, Cowl & Fowl, collects all 10 issues of the Dynamite Entertainment series by Amanda Deibert and Carlo Lauro, published last year, which will include extras and a cover gallery. This volume contains brand-new stories starring the titular character and has received praise for giving a fresh and modern spin to a well-loved hero.

The third volume, Heroes and Villains, collects the spinoff series The Justice Ducks,  written by Roger Langridge and illustrated by Carlo Lauro, and Negaduck, written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Ciro Cangialosi, in the omnibus sized collection. 13 issues, five from The Justice Ducks and eight from Negaduck, and a cover gallery will be included. 


The paperback edition is $45, and the hardcover is $55. As of this article’s publication, the Kickstarter has already reached over $220,000 in pledges, far surpassing its original goal of $25,000. 

The Kickstarter campaign runs until July 3, 2024, at 12:00 PM PDT, so Darkwing Duck fans better hurry before it’s too late. 

Source: Dynamite